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Adjustable voltage regulator LM317

The calculator allows two ways of calculation:
  • circuit analysis - enter any two of three (R1,R2,Uout) values, click the [Compute] button placed near the third value and the value will be found (if it is technically possible)
  • circuit synthesis - enter the voltage Uout you expect from output and the calculator will try to find values of the resistors taken from E6, E12 or E24 series (to choose from) to get the voltage nearest to the requested one.
All necessary details on LM 317 are available here.

  • 100Ω ≤ R1 ≤ 1000Ω
  • 1.25V ≤ Uout ≤ 37V

Circuit synthesis

Uout =

Suggested E24 resistors values :


Circuit analysis

R1 =

R2 =

Uout =

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