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Units converter

Expanded dBm ⇆ mW converter is available here.

dBm ⇆ mW

dBm = 
 = mW

dB(P) ⇆ P2/P1

dB(P) = 
 = P2/P1

dB(U) ⇆ U2/U1

dB(U) = 
 = U2/U1

mm ⇆ in

mm = 
 = in

resistors in parallel
capacitors in series
inductances in parallel
LC resonance circuit
bandspread capacitors circuit
single-layer air-cored coil
circular loop coil
square loop coil
three-digit capacitor markings
resistor codes (4 bands)
resistor codes (5 bands)
choke/inductor color codes
555 astable
555 monostable
match standard Ex value
combine standard E6, E12 & E24 values
LM317 voltage regulator
dBm ⇆ mW converter
mm ⇆ in converter
resistance of a wire
Ohm's law
dropping resistor for 'P' tubes
dropping capacitor for 'P' tubes
dropping resistor for 'U' tubes
dropping capacitor for 'U' tubes
dropping resistor for LEDs
Y-Δ transform
Y-Δ transform (capacitances)
parabolic antenna gain
AWG converter

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